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Sardinia, a Continent at the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

Monte Prama Testa dei Giganti AviturOur island is considered quite rightly, to be the Pearl of the Mediterranean for its Caribbean coast and it is appreciated not only for the sea, the hospitality, the friendliness and helpfulness of its people, but also for his gastronomy with special flavors, for his unique nature colors in all seasons, for rare species that still exist and live in the mountains, for the beauty of the numerous smaller islands and the scents of the wild. Geologically this is a very old island. It was the cradle of nuragic civilization, which can be described as the first civilization of Italy for the antiquity of its monuments: the Nuraghi. The evolution of this civilization can’t be easily documented, as they lack the writings that testify for their greatness. All that we know about the life of this proud and resourceful people (which was never submitted), is from the numerous bronzes that describe the life of that time, and by recent discoveries, of several statues of Giants that came to light on Prama Mountain, These statues were recently exhibited in the Museum of Cabras and still under investigation. A tangible sign of our origins is the fact that there are many ancient traditions, remained almost unchanged due to isolation over centuries. Even today, you can clearly notice the individuality of Sardinians, by the diversity of many dialects and customs, which vary from town to town, even if sometimes they are only a few miles away one from another. You can notice the radical change of traditions and customs.

All throughout the year, there are folklore demonstration, pagan and religious festivals that justify a trip to Sardinia.

Avitur Tour Operator, organizes Travel Group to Sardinia with several packages prepared specifically to meet the different taste of our customers at any time throughout the year.